Mars: The Bringer Of War

An auditorium on the east side of Pomona.

Mars: The Bringer of War was written and edited by Amy Thorstenson. Directed by Alaina McManus and Chad Eschman. Featuring Amy Thorstenson, Clayton Fox, Toni Maddocks, Anne Hollister, and Ryan Schremp. Public domain music includes “The Planets,” composed by Gustav Holst and performed by the U.S. Air Force Band; “Devil’s Gonna Git You,” composed by Porter Granger and performed by Bessie Smith; and “T’aint Nobody’s Bus’ness If I Do,” composed by Porter Granger and performed by Fats Waller and Sara Martin. Royalty-free music includes “Cool Vibes” and “In Your Arms” composed and recorded by Kevin MacLeod. Sound effects include “record noise” by hifi john and “oldvinylrecord” by themfish. Other sound effects recorded by Amy Thorstenson. The Radiograph is a Trap Street production.
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