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Garbage People

I’m a literal trash monster. I know what garbage looks like.

Children of the Missile

It was a psychic radiation phenomenon.

The Weather

Did I tell you...that I have a balcony?

Pirate Disco - Sawdust - The Purple Urchins

The Purple Urchins perform “Sawdust” at The Pirate Disco.

Vote 2020

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Vote for our future.

Jupiter, The Hymn

A mountaintop in Angeles National Forest.

Sabertooth Mosquitoes

A buzzing threat invades North Hollywood, but a scrappy hero punches back.

Upgrade Now!

A mansion built into the hillside of Mandeville Canyon, and a rent-controlled studio in West LA.

Iggy Goes Viral

An apartment in Atwater Village.

Security Camera

A small house in Valley Village.

Elbow Grease

A one bedroom apartment on Santa Monica Boulevard.


Behind a house in Hancock Park.

The Corvid

An apartment in West Hollywood.


A house along the LA River.

Mars: The Bringer Of War

An auditorium on the east side of Pomona.

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